Business applications is a computer application or computer software to support a company’s business activities. This application is mostly used for business through internet media.
Basically, information technology (business applications one of them) can and should be utilized by business actors to make their business more efficient, and encourage the business has more competitiveness than other business. Some of the benefits that can be felt by business actors are:
• Marketing can be wider and cheaper (internet marketing)
• Design changes can be simulated / attempted first without fear of damage, run out of materials, etc. (Photoshop, paint, etc.)
• Promotion can be more interesting
• Faster financial management and reduced risk of fraud (accounting application)
• Various customer information can be stored
• Service can be faster, example with barcode, cashier no longer need to type goods code
• Sales prediction can be done
• And many more
However, not all efforts should use the information technology assistance, at least if:
• The scale of the business is still too small (although many small businesses also become bigger fast because of utilizing this technology)
• The required cost is greater than the benefits that can be obtained
• No human resources / employees can take care of or handle it
• Characteristics of products that can not be marketed in general
Apart from the above, there are several applications that can be used by business actors to facilitate megelola business. Besides not having to buy (because there is a free version), the application is also relatively easy to use. Some of these applications include:
1. QSB
This application is useful to assist business actors in terms of:
• Forecast future sales value with various methods and approaches
• Determining the most ‘fit’ production quantities and permissible changes
• The most efficient division of employee tasks
• Determine the most optimal business location
• Determine the allocation of goods delivery
• Fixed the queue issue
• And many more
2. QM for Windows
This application benefits the same as the QSB application above, but the free version is available on the internet, it’s just that not all facilities can be used.
3. Invest
This application is useful for business actors who have unemployed funds and want to be invested into securities (This investment is not a monopoly of entrepreneurs with large funds, even small businesses can). With this application, business actors will be assisted in placing their idle funds with more accountable considerations.
4. CDP
This application is very useful for business actors are often faced with many choices, when will decide something, for example:
• What brand machine to choose from
• What type of transportation will be used to deliver the goods
• Which suppliers to choose from
• Forms and packaging materials to be used, etc.
With this application, business actors will be assisted to determine the most feasible options (good), among the various alternative options available.
5. OpenOffice
This application becomes an option if the business actor wants to create and print various business documents (letter of offer, list of goods, etc.). With this application also business actors can create a budget, evaluate the performance / business results. Business actors can also make presentations more interesting with the help of this application, and several other important benefits.
This application becomes a choice, if the business do not have a business to buy Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power point, Access), or takun sin for buying pirated.
The above application is only a small part of many free and easy apps that can be used to help manage the business, including free apps that can be used to help businesses in marketing their products on the internet. So, open to this possibility, the business becomes more successful by utilizing various existing computer applications. For businesses that want a little tired, go around to the universities, there are also many free applications made by students that could be used to help manage the business, such as financial applications simple for small businesses, apalikasi calculating corporate tax, and still much more.